Text Your Ex Back

Nobody likes to think of himself as selfish, but let’s face it we are all selfish at some times.  While it is human nature, it is something we have to be aware of so it will not adversely affect our relationships. Text Your Ex Back understands there is a difference between being true to yourself and just being selfish.  Maybe your ex came to see certain behaviors of yours to be selfish.  Even though you may disagree with her, you have to at least be open to the possibility that you did or failed to do things that made her feel this way.  For example, forgetting to call about being late might simply be an oversight on your part, but could be viewed as inconsiderate.  If you bristle defensively when she brings it up she could take this reaction as evidence of her initial view.  You probably do not think of yourself as inconsiderate so do not appear that way to her because of poor communication.

We are not expected to be saints in our relationships with others, but selflessness is a good quality to cultivate.  Your ex likely never mentioned it as a reason why she broke up with you right?  Perhaps you could take it too far and be seen as a martyr, which is not necessarily an attractive quality either.  You liked doing things for your girlfriend and you usually did not mind changing your plans or altering your habits a bit to accommodate her.  What about the big stuff you ask? Text Your Ex Back understands you want her back in your life, but she wants five children and you are not sure if you want any, at least not right away.  You both have legitimate desires and concerns and occasionally being selfish is the right thing to do, but when?   You are willing to put the well-being and happiness of your ex before your own, but does she have any responsibility to do the same for you?

We grow up being told “honesty is the best policy” and it is usually correct.  But this does not mean in every situation, regardless of the circumstances, telling a lie is wrong.  When your ex asked you about her favorite pair of shoes did you tell her you thought they were ugly and made her feet look fat?  If you did it might explain why she is your ex.  Little lies or white lies are part of the everyday exchanges we have with people.  Text Your Ex Back takes human nature into account and recognizes that this is normal behavior.  There is a big difference between not telling your ex your real opinion of her latest hair cut and lying about a compromising text she found on your phone.  You might be annoyed she snooped and this might be a legitimate conversation for another time.  However, if the message was innocent then you can get past it.  If it wasn’t innocent then lying about it will probably only delay the day that your girlfriend is once again your ex.